To Do List Before Moving In

Your move-in date is approaching quickly but you may not feel fully prepared. Moving can be stressful enough without trying to worry whether you've done every little thing to best set yourself up for success.

Well – we've taken the time to create a quick to-do list to help you become less stress and have the best move possible!

  1. Get your old place prepared:
    1. Organize everything before packing: This is the perfect time to go through all of your stuff and do a thorough purge. This will allow you to only pack the things you absolutely need and sets you up for instant success in your new place.
    2. Clean the old place: Although the landlord will clean your apartment after you've left, you should still take a minute to tidy up after you've packed up your items. A quick counter wipe down, vacuum or dust will leave you on the right foot with your landlord.
  2. Get your new place prepared:
    1. Change your address: The best way to do this is make a list of everything you will need to change your address on – think government documents, bills, etc. Once you've done this contact the postal office and forward any other mail – this way if there is something you may have forgotten – it will still make its way to you.
    2. Set up any utilities: Something that can make your move that much more stressful is getting to your new place and have no power or water. Make sure prior to your move you have set up any utilities that you will need – this way the day you move in, everything will be up and running.
    3. Get/update renters' insurance: If you don't have this already – we highly recommend it as it protects you and your belongings. After all we want you to be less stressed out.
  3. Organize your move:
    1. Contact a moving company/friends: No matter if you're hiring a moving company or having friends/family helping you – it's important to make sure you are all on the same page. Make sure to contact those helping and fill them in on times and the plan to how the day is going to go. This will save you time the day of and make everything move smoothly.
    2. Confirm details with your landlord: Have you rented the elevator out? Is there a specific time of day to move in? Are you allowed to hang items? Paint walls? Where does your garbage go? These are all questions you should confirm with your landlord prior to move-in day.
    3. Pack a bag/box of essentials: This may be something you don't think you need but it can make the experience so much less stressful in the event something delays your move. This box or bag will house your essentials – a change of clothes, toothbrush, toilet paper, medicine, etc – the items you cannot live without. Keep these separate so you can find them easily in the event you don't unpack everything the day of.
  4. Make your place a home:
    1. Explore your new neighbourhood: If you've moved cities, provinces or even countries – take the time to get to know your new neighbourhood. Where are the local grocery stores? Are there any cool coffee shops or restaurants nearby? Maybe you like to run outside – are there any local trails to do this? Hit up google maps and do a virtual tour of the neighbourhood prior to your move.
    2. Decorate your apartment: This is your new home – make it your own. If you can get into the apartment prior to your move-in date measure for your furniture to plan a layout, if you can paint the walls do this, plan what you'd like to hang up. This is a great opportunity to make your apartment truly your own place.