How To Set (And Keep) Your New Year’s Resolutions

First off, Happy New Year!


2018 was a great year filled with lots of laughs, new relationships, and new buildings for the Balnar Management family. We have no doubt that 2019 will be even better for our tenants!


The New Year brings a fresh start to the calendar year and a clean slate for your personal goals. Every year people set out resolutions or goals that they'd like to maintain for at least the next 12 months and, sometimes, the rest of their lives.


Eating healthier, getting into a gym routine, losing weight, getting a promotion at work, finding a new partner, and making new friends are just some of the more common resolutions people make.


If you've ever tried to set a new goal for yourself, the chances are you've stayed at it for a few weeks or a couple of months only to find yourself fall back into your old habits and routines. If you haven't, great on you!


But if you're like the majority of people, keeping a resolution or goal usually tends to fall to the wayside as we become busier and lose sight of what we set out to accomplish.


To help you (and our own staff!) keep your sights set on your goals, we've come up' with a few tips and tricks to help you set and keep attainable resolutions for the New Year.


Break down the What & Why of your Goal


One of the first steps of setting a goal is to break it down to the bone and find out what exactly you want and why you're doing it.


For instance, are you choosing this as your resolution because your Aunt always give you a hard time about it or is trying to convince you to have the same goal as her so she's not alone?


Choosing a goal to satisfy someone else shouldn't be why you pick it. It will be much easier to stay motivated if the resolution is because you truly want it for yourself.


In saying this, it's important to think long and hard about the goal and make it so that it's difficult enough to keep you in line, but no so hard that it makes you discouraged when you can't meet it. For example, if your goal is to get a promotion or lose 30 pounds, it's probably unrealistic to achieve that in 2 months.


It's also important not to take on too many goals at once. By focusing on a smaller number of things to accomplish (like 1 or 2 major goals for the year), you will have a higher chance of meeting those goals and find it easier to stay motivated as opposed to juggling 4 or 5 different ones.


Be specific, realistic, and honest about your goals.


A local life coach gives some great insight on how to evaluate and set realistic goals for yourself:



Work Your Way Up


Starting with smaller, more attainable goals can help you build momentum that will ultimately carry you to success on your bigger goals.


A popular tip for staying on track to achieve your goals is to break a major goal down into smaller chunks. In keeping with the job promotion and weight loss examples, this could mean bringing a new suggestion/idea to your company that may benefit them or setting a goal of losing 1 lb each week.


Sure, these won't get the ultimate result you set out for right away, but these smaller goals will help keep you on the path that leads to achieving your initial resolution.


Allow Others To Help You


People are great for helping each other. Friends and family are especially good at this.


Sharing your goals with the people closest to you can help keep you motivated and focused. Ask friends to keep you accountable by coming up with some type of penalty if you do not achieve one of your smaller goals.


For example, if you don't lose that single pound in a week or you don't tell your boss about your new suggestion or idea for a few months, what are the consequences going to be? It's okay to ask family and friends to support you as you strive to better yourself.


Remember to be SMART


Do you remember learning in school about SMART goals?


If not, here is a quick but super useful reminder:

Here is a great resource for helping you get started with setting a goal using SMART:




Goals and resolutions are designed to help individuals like you and I become better versions of ourselves. If we truly want to change the way we behave, look, feel, and act, it has to start with our own self.


Remember that it won't always be easy. But, if we put the time and effort into our goals and consistently operate with these goals in mind, we will all have a much better chance of achieving our mission and feeling on top of the world!


Here's to a great New Year!