How To Maximize Space in a Small Apartment

Whether you are a new or experienced renter, we all deal with the same question: "how do I get the most of out of my apartment space?"


It's no secret that apartment units can be on the small side. The feeling of a small or crammed unit can cause problems for renters and make them want to redecorate and reorganize almost daily!


Although some apartments are larger than others, there are some tips and tricks that you can use to make even the smallest apartment feel more spacious.


Here are a few things to consider when moving into your new apartment or as you begin to remodel in order to maximize its space:



Maximize open storage


Drawers, dressers, and cabinets can be extremely useful, but when it comes to living in an apartment, we need all the space we can get.


One great tip to keep in mind when furnishing your home is to maximize the amount of open storage that exists. For example, floating shelves and open shelving units will give the area a more open look and feel slightly bigger.


Another example would be to substitute regular wall shelves for wall hooks as they are smaller and can offer a unique look.


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Add mirrors


One well-known 'secret' to making small areas seem larger is to install mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to ensure that the flow of a room continues.


The best areas to place your mirrors are in rooms that have a lot of light in it. Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms that generate a good amount of light from windows can make a significance in the feeling of a unit.



Use of light colours


Dark colours - especially in places that are small to begin with - can make a room feel tinier than it is, depending on the colour. Using light colours around your apartment (especially on the walls) is a safe bet to make your home feel more alive and more spacious.


Whether it's furniture, art, desks, or some other type of object that could potentially be a focal point in a room, it's a good idea to stay with lighter, brighter colours. Even something as simple as your apartment curtains can make the biggest difference!


For example, imagine you have a set of black drapes or blinds on your living room window. It's easy to figure out that limited natural light will be able to get through them. However, if you had white, yellow, beige, or any kind of light colour curtains, light from outside is going to shine right on through.



Consider glass/transparent items


Glass or transparent furniture can give off the look of a bigger space.


Glass tables, glass shelves, and a clear shower curtain as opposed to a solid one are just a few examples of items that are found in nearly all apartments and can be used to accomplish this visual desire.



Incorporate stripes


Yes, stripes! Many interior decorators use this as a trick when dealing with small spaces.


The idea behind the use of stripes is that the human eye is automatically drawn to it and leads to the belief that the length of the room is longer than it really is.


The most common way to incorporate stripes into your home is on the floor. Using something as simple as a striped rug can achieve this in your apartment, as most apartments do not allow you install your own flooring (for obvious reasons!). You could also try this via wall paint depending on how much you like stripes!





Apartment living and decorating can be a very fun experience. Many people love the challenge of remodeling their unit to turn it into their own stylish, spacious home.


Following these tips when decorating your space for the first (or tenth) time can help you maximize space in a small apartment.


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