Getting to Know Kitchener: Chicopee

Welcome to a new edition of Getting to Know Kitchener. Inspired by our blog series Getting to Know Guelph, we have turned our focus on the wonderful city of Kitchener! In each edition, we'll highlight one area or landmark in the city that deserves some recognition.


In this instalment, we highlight Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort.


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Don't be fooled by the picture above - Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort is much more than just Kitchener's premier ski and snowboard mountain!


Founded in 1934 as a non-profit, Chicopee has been welcoming people of all ages, skill levels, and experiences for quite some time.


Located at 396 Morrison Road in Kitchener, Chicopee has been mostly known to locals and tourists as a fantastic place for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing during the winters. Its highest vertical is 200 feet and there are 11 different runs that vary based on each individuals skill and comfort level.


In fact, it used to just be called "Chicopee Ski" before changing its name to highlight its many summer offerings, too.


Once the snow melts away and the sun becomes more common, Chicopee converts to a summer paradise for the outdoor-lovers.


Firstly, Chicopee runs several summer camps for a variety of ages throughout the summer beginning on July 2nd. The 4 camps are Adventure Camp, Little Adventure Camp, Adventure Tennis Camp, and Adventure Bike Camp. Each camp varies based on campers' age, but you really can't go wrong with these 9-week, action-packed camps!


In addition to summer camps, Chicopee also offers bike trails, beach volleyball, disc golf, and tennis. Visitors can navigate their way on the scenic and mountainous bike trail that covers its 165-acre property or work on their trick skills at the park's bike park.


An 18-hole disc golf course is perfect for the experienced or beginner. The course offers challenging and scenic holes, and a full-blown disc golf retail store is located on site to help you take your game to the next level.


If biking or disc golf isn't your thing, perhaps beach volleyball or tennis may suit your style. Chicopee runs a beach volleyball league that takes place on its 4 Olympic-sized beach volleyball courts. Teams can enter into the 13-week summer season that begins at the start of June. The park also offers recreational beach volleyball for anyone looking to hone their skills without needing to join a league.


Lastly, Chicopee is a popular destination for tennis-lovers. With its courts situated directly on the water, not only do you get to enjoy a great view while playing but tennis lessons - both youth group and private lessons - are also offered.


Seasonal or day passes can be purchased. We recommend checking out the Day Pricing list on their website before visiting.


Once summer ends, the weather slowly becomes colder and snow begins to fall, Chicopee once again converts into a popular ski, snowboard, and tubing destination.


But let's enjoy the summer while we can!


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