Getting to Know Guelph: Speed River & Eramosa River

Welcome to the latest edition of Getting to Know Guelph. In each edition, we'll highlight one area or landmark in the city that deserves some recognition.


In this installment, we highlight the two rivers that run through the Royal City - the Speed and Eramosa Rivers.


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Eramosa River

Speed River

Begins: Erin, ON

Begins: Orton, ON

Joins the Speed River in Guelph

Joins the Eramosa River in Guelph

Ends: Cambridge, ON

Ends: Cambridge, ON



The Eramosa and Speed Rivers are each a monumental part of Guelph.


Though the rivers both begin in different locations outside of the city, the two join in Downtown Guelph and continue on to Cambridge, eventually merging with the Grand River.


The Eramosa River enters Guelph through the East. On its way towards Downtown, it is encompassed primarily by trees, plants, parks, and hiking trails. The Eramosa River Trail, which is a 9.8 KM trail that runs parallel with the river, is a great spot for hiking, biking, bird watching, and simply taking in nature's beauty.


The trail also leads directly into Downtown Guelph to where the Eramosa River meets the Speed River.


Before it joins the Eramosa, the Speed River flows into town via the North. It is the river that flows directly through Riverside Park and through Downtown behind the River Run Centre. It also features a trail that runs along the river - the Speed River Trail.


Both trails are accessible year-round and provide for a relaxing stroll, bike, or hike through the city.


The meeting point of the two rivers is at The Boathouse, which is beside the Wood Covered Bridge.


The area where the rivers join is a popular area for canoers, kayakers, and bird-watchers. Both the Speed and Eramosa trails are accessible through the meeting point, making for a great day of outdoor activities year-round.


From this point on, the rivers simply become one Speed River and makes its way towards Cambridge, where it will meet up with the Grand River.


Both rivers offer a unique beauty, especially come summer time. Visitors can walk or bike the trail(s), rent a canoe, grab some ice cream at The Boathouse and enjoy a sunset walk along the water all within a couple of hours.


FAST FACT: The Grand River (the river that the Speed River meets up with) is the largest river that is completely within Southern Ontario's borders and spanning 280 KM.


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