I love living in Balnar Management (building), I like this beautiful place. This place is lovely, nice and beautiful... I'm very happy. Thanks to management. HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. My heart is in this beautiful place. 
Erika O
244 & 246 Willow Road
"I have lived at Twin Towers for the past five years and recommend it highly. The building is kept exceptionally clean, and John usually fixes minor maintenance problems (dripping tap, assistance with windows) the day they are reported. Superintendents and managers are friendly, helpful and discrete, and annual events such as barbeques and Xmas teas are occasions every enjoys. Residents tend to stay a long time here, and we make many friends. Activities in the social room include Wednesday afternoon teas and all kinds of cards and board games, and we swap books with each other via the laundry library. Treadmills and bikes are available in the fitness room.  I love to hear the grass being cut, or find the snow shovelled and walkways well salted, knowing that I am not the one responsible for doing this! We're living the good life here."
Sheila M. Watt
53 & 65 Speedvale Ave. W.
"I love my apartment because of the wonderful superintendent and how she keeps our building so clean and friendly!"
"I love the landlords and building management because they always listen and are always willing to help out."
J.A. - Guelph
"My husband and I moved into the Twin Towers apartment in Nov 2011. Since that time we have found the office staff and superintendents second to none. People that work for Balnar have been friendly, courteous and efficient. All our requests for repairs have been promptly addressed. Our building is always clean and freshly painted. Management go above and beyond that which is required and it is much appreciated."
53 & 65 Speedvale Ave. W.
Some say, where people know your name, then you belong, and your home is where you make it happen. I've been living in Gresham Place almost for 15 years already, and my story begins when my 17-year-old son had to face the most horrifying illness there is, cancer, just two years ago. My heart sunk deeply, no parents deserve to know, when I heard the news. I had no clue what was awaiting ahead of me. It hurt.  In today's hectic busy life, people do not have the chance to even say hello to each other, and yet, in this place, I do, when I go to see Nancy and Carol, in the main office. I know them, they are not just people, collecting the rent payments. They know me. What a difference! They heard the news too. We cried, and so was my heart, but I didn't feel alone anymore. Hugs, tears, understanding, questions, carrying, listening, all of those signs of empathy I've received with a compassion as they would do for anyone else living in this building. Lots people live in this place, so does kindness. What a difference.  I've found living in Gresham Place as an attractive, secure, and, most definitely, my home. Some say, where people know your name, then you belong.
Eva Nali Spacek
600 Greenfield Ave.
"I have lived at Gresham II since 1977 (moved out for 6 months and then back). It is a wonderful place to call "home". They keep this building in great repair and any time a tap needs fixing, toilet, or any maintenance of any kind, it is done promptly, without delay. The staff is wonderful and so helpful with any problems. I can't say enough about the Company. Thank you!"
600 Greenfield Ave.
"I love living here because of the friendly, well-kept family environment!"
V - Guelph
"I like to live here because of the location and I love the building and Balnar Management for keeping the building so clean and safe."
53 & 65 Speedvale Ave. W.
"We chose Gresham Place because of its spacious, clean, bright suites, amenities and prime location. We are glad we did. The management and staff are friendly and efficient, the buildings are well maintained and repairs are promptly looked after. Help is only a phone call away."
R.R And C.R.
600 Greenfield Ave.